Adding Detail With Textured Walls


Your home is an extension and a representation of your character. Therefore, the décor should reflect your personal taste.

If you enter a room, the first that you will probably notice are the walls. The walls are the places where you can play with your aesthetic creativity.  Gone are the days when walls used to be kept plain and done up with just one coat of paint. Nowadays, modern homeowners are experimenting with their walls with newer designs and textures. You can design your walls with intricate detailing to get an appeal that will easily set your house apart from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

What are the general options?

You can do up the wall with a good choice of wallpaper. You can experiment with the wall paints as well. You may add some interesting texture to the wall with the 3D wall tiles or panels.  However, wallpaper alone can give a lot of character to the wall with the combination of color and design patterns.

This is an option that can be ideal if you are looking for something totally unique. The 3D panels or tiles will redefine the surface of the wall and it would so much more than just covering up the walls. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the walls look interesting, you can go with this option. Another good option in this regard is stone.This is a very contemporary and stylish way of adding texture to your walls.  It is nothing but simple wall murals but with a twist of 3D effect which will enhance the visual appeal of the wall. Imagine how wild you can run with your imagination with such effects on your walls.

These are some of your options when it comes to adding a texture to your walls. With the above mentioned options, you can experiment quite a lot with your ideas and if you are in need of more suggestions, you can always resort to the numerous design options that are available over the internet.