Our Clients

We specialize in high-end residences and small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, Miami, Boca Raton, Naples and in South America (by special arrangement). Our business clients include dental offices, a hair salon and a plastic surgeon practice (all in Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley) and a restaurant in Mountain View, CA, is in progress.

We’ve created interior designs for many exclusive Bay Area and South Florida residences (Atherton, Woodside, Hillsborough and more) and our client list includes Silicon Valley business leaders and exclusive residences from San Francisco to San Jose. Our homes include Pacific Grove (near Pebble Beach on the Monterrey Peninsula), Bogota, Colombia; Barquisimeto, Venezuela and as far away as North Forbes Park (Metro Manila, Philippines).

We’re not just for high-end clients. We work with any budget and project scope. So give us a call today as an onsite or phone consultation is complementary. We work with client budget realities and make any home even more beautiful (and affordable) than clients expect.