Use Firewood to Re-Kindle a Romance


One of the most romantic gestures of all times, is to snuggle together by a warm fireplace on a cold night. There is nothing like a merrily crackling fire to set the mood for an evening of passion. Electric appliances like thermostats or room heaters fail to capture the essential beauty and poignancy of a pile of wood, waiting to be lit and emanate warmth. There is a certain kind of ambience that pervades a room’s atmosphere when a fire is started in the fireplace.

Thoughts become clearer, senses are heightened and people tend to reminisce.træbriketter (firewood, as referred to by the Danish), is symbolic of so many special things. The English believe that home is where the hearth is warm and the heart is happy. They couldn’t be more accurate. The sight of a roaring fire takes away from the weariness that has accumulated throughout the day, it makes our troubles seem a little lighter, and our lives seem a little fuller and happier. It would never go amiss to take the hand of your loved one and sit beside a fireplace, sharing the warmth that engulfs both of you in a loving embrace. This simple yet deep act can go on to induce intimacy in your relationship and make it richer.Everything around us has become so mechanical these days. It is easier to exchange e-mails, than to wait patiently for a letter from your beloved, it is easier to send e-cards than to make a card on one’s own. But the

act of sidling up to each other by a warm fire seems to be such a human gesture, depicting the eternal human need to share and co-exist.