Using Mirrors As a Design Tool

Mirrors are not very difficult to find in a household. In most cases, there will be one or two of them that have been kept aside carefully for incorporating as a good décor item for the house. However, it is important that you understand the essence of decorating with mirrors and then make the most of it. One has to realize that there is no such room that cannot use a mirror as a décor item. Mirrors may serve you as art works and conversation pieces. The ability of reflecting light and creating a completely new dimension for a space is why you must play well with the mirrors.

Mirrors may also be used for a subtle incorporation in the design so that the overall look of the house in enhanced.  How you choose to decorate your home with the mirrors is entirely your call but everybody can use some suggestions.No bathroom is complete without a mirror. However, there is enough room to be artistic here. Instead of a regular mirror for the area above the sink, you should look for mirrors which are more unique in shape. Rectangular mirrors mostly fail to make a statement and even you are not into too much of experimentation, it is advised that you go for at least an oblong one.

The bedroom needs a king size mirror. It is a private room and when you are getting ready for your office or a fancy party, you will need a mirror that will reflect your image from head to the toe. Therefore, a little elaboration on the rims on a large mirror that would give it some vintage appeal is by no means going over the top when it comes doing the décor of the room with mirrors.

You can play an interesting trick by installing parallel mirrors on the opposite walls of your hallway. Since most hallways are generally narrow, having mirrors on both sides will create an illusion of an endless space which will impress the visitors at once and it will also make the space interesting.