What were they thinking? Before..and After bath!


I am on a roll with some new projects being photographed and thought would impart the genuine previous to and after pix! From the bottom of your heart, some of these are incredible and I have to wonder…what were they thought?? In this case was formerly built ..by a designer! Terrifying. So much cash washed-out on such asinine treatments. The current homeowners had sufficient and were ready to get a functioning sweet bath!


bags of details but not any worth the try…extremely odd angles and the tub was not centered under the dialogue box!


NOTE: dinghy try out dialogue box..we eliminated this absolutely


stairs?? this is terrible point all around


Much better as linen closet!

When we got into the try out of this bath, we learned the lovely dinghy try out wall was being detained in ONLY by the peripheral stucco! With the intention of is how much wood rot we found!
The round shower is a horrid waste of space and I am not sure if dislike the shower shape or the 2×2 MAUVE tiles more! The rebuild was financial statement conscious as the title-holder may sell the family in the effectively possibility. But, they were nervous to delight in a new space with the intention of worked better for their needs.


The previous to plot really had odd angles, a sink with the intention of they by no means ancient as it was awkward and dated fixtures and materials. We took the following sink and owing to it into a splendid linen closet with dinghy doors. I believe like a following sink is not always necessary. You may wash your visage, cut and brush your teeth finished a sink but let’s visage it…what most women need in a bathroom is more neutralize space anyhow! The client agreed so we now have a extremely functional inen cabinet.


Devious tones but annotation the splendid wall affect!
Much of this bath transformation came from austerely the “de-construction” we performed! The earthy tones were just what the client was looking for and in the style of the by and large household, worked really well now….and for possibility resell. This bath is now light and airy and has a tranquilty with the intention of was gone previous to. (along with any style or personality too!)